Brighter. Better. Greener, baby!

At Golden Child, we care for your family, our process, and its impact on the planet. We’re committed to creating conscious and sustainable products that are made to last, and a process that ensures the planet and future generations of golden little ones thrive.

Like the earth orbiting the sun, we are working on achieving a circular business model to close the loop and continually reuse, repurpose and regenerate to minimise waste and reduce environmental impact. Our ongoing partnership with like-minded partners means we can produce safe, high-quality products that grow with your little one.

Here’s what we’re doing to create a better world for our future golden children.

1% For The Planet

We believe businesses can play a critically important role in helping fight climate change. We’re proud to fund next-generation carbon removal by donating 1% of every purchase from Golden Child to support new carbon removal technologies scale via Stripe Climate.

Our Commitment to sustainable materials

We care about our process, and our community of big & little people, which is why we use non-toxic materials like Food-Grade Silicone, Certified Tencel™, GOTS-Certified Organic Cotton, and French Flax Linen and work with our trusted ethical partners to produce safe, high-quality products that are made to last. We continue to work hard to only offer the very best and most sustainable materials for your little ones.

Made to grow with your little ones & beyond

Golden Child products are made to last, baby! Our vision is for our products to grow with your little one and beyond. We'd love to see our products passed down for another life with a new Golden Child to minimise our environmental impact ,and share the joys our products bring with a wider community.

Conscious Packaging

Our packaging is made to be reused and recycled! Many of our products are packaged in reusable material bags or have packaging made from recycled cardboard and eco-friendly inks. We also have packaging items can even be reused in other forms, like our material swaddle bags which can be used again and again.

Repurpose like a pro, baby! 

Our Golden Child community are so creative, and we live for these clever ways to give our products new life.

Here are some of our favourite ways to repurpose our Golden Child products!

✦ Toddlers live very busy lives (as we know). Our material swaddle bags are great for storing their everyday essentials, random pebbles, toys, and that one odd sock you had not been able to find for weeks!

✦ Beach day plans? Pop sunscreen and sunglasses into our material bag before you go. And speaking of the beach….

✦ Have you purchased one of our beach buckets sets? Utilise the moulds to create your own air-dry clay crafts for a rainy-day activity!

✦ We know swaddles are the ultimate newborn unicorn products. They can be used for almost everything from a nursing cover, light blanket, burp cloth or play mat.

✦ Has your golden child outgrown their swaddles? Use it as a sarong or beach wrap in the warmer months.

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