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Lightweight and durable, the Golden Child linen baby lounger is perfect for on the go, whether you are in the bedroom, doing nappy changes, tummy time, or enjoying outdoor adventures.

Whether you are at home, heading to the park, or just need a safe place to change, settle or entertain your baby - our handy lounger is every parent’s dream.

Available in twelve colours, our linen lounger can also be paired with one of our linen play mats for ultimate cushioning. Unlike others, our baby lounger comes with a beautiful Linen cover and a matching travel bag.

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A Multi-Purpose Gem

Take our lightweight and durable baby lounger set with you on-the-go, complete with a linen cover and travel bag.

Machine Washable

Easy to care for, our machine-washable baby lounger covers are removable for quick clean up of any spills or stains.

Soft & Secure

A must-have for new and expecting parents, our baby lounger offers a safe space for supervised rest and play.

Tencel Certified Goods

Keep your baby's base protected and healthy with our Tencel hypoallergenic fibers and 3D mesh technology.

Mum's grapevine Approved

Tried, tested and trusted, The Golden Child Baby Lounger has received the Mum's Grapevine kiss of approval, and featured as a top baby nest for 2023


Our Golden Child Baby Lounger has been designed as a temporary space for your baby to rest under direct supervision by an adult, and not as a baby bed or mattress. It should not be used as a bassinet or infant mattress, and we do not recommend this product for co-sleeping. Direct supervision is always required when using the Baby Lounger.

Never leave your baby in the Baby Lounger unattended (regardless of whether they are sleeping, resting, or playing), and be sure to check on your baby regularly.

✦ Do not use the Baby Lounger in a cot, bassinet, mosses basket, or other enclosed space

✦ Do not place the Baby Lounger next to a wall or vertical surface

✦ Do not put pillows, blankets, toys, or loose objects in the baby lounger

✦ Babies should always be placed on their back to sleep (as per red nose guidelines), with their feet touching the bottom of the Baby Lounger

✦ Only use the Baby Lounger on a flat, stable surface

✦ Keep the Baby Lounger away from any open flames

✦ Do not tilt the Baby Lounger or place it on any surface that it could fall from

✦ If using our Baby Lounger Linen Covers, ensure the cover is securely attached and flattened before placing your baby inside

✦ Don’t use the baby nest as a toy

✦ Never leave your baby unattended or under a child's supervision


✦ Versatile in use – and perfect for parents on the go

✦ Safe and secure rest solution for your baby

✦ Perfect baby shower gift

✦ Made using unique Tencel® fibers with 3D mesh technology, and organic cotton

✦ Available in six colours

✦ Beautiful Linen cover and matching bag included

✦ Lounger bag included for travel


78cm L x 50cm W x 11cm D


We recommend a machine wash in cold water less than 30°C. Dry in an airy location on a flat surface where the lounger can get maximum breeze flow. Do not dry clean, iron, or bleach.

Made to grow with your baby

Snug & Comfy Support

Mindfully designed to cradle your little one in the first few months, ensuring your baby feels snug and comfy while you supervise them during visits, folding laundry, cooking dinner or exercising.

Explore the World with Comfort

During the next stage of baby’s life, the Golden Child Baby Lounger gives your baby a practical and familiar place to rest and explore the new world around them. Just like a cuddle from Mum.

Nurture the Newborn

Designed to mimic the uterus, the Baby Lounger helps baby to adapt to their first few weeks and months of life in an environment that are used to and feel safe in.

Grow Comfortably

The Golden Child Baby Lounger also features raised grooves incorporated into the design which help to support supervised tummy as baby grows.


Delicate & Sensitive Newborn Skin

Our Loungers are hypoallergenic, dust mite resistant and machine washable.

Our quick drying covers are easily removed and popped in the wash. With so many wonderful patterns to choose from, sticky, messy little fingers are really not a problem at all.

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Keep Your Little One Happy & Smiling

With Our Soft and Comfortable Lounger!

Stay Safe, Baby

Our soft, lightweight Baby Loungers keep your baby secure while you enjoy your favourite activities. From morning yoga to poolside relaxation, stay close to your little one and have peace of mind. Read more on our lounger safety guidelines.

Stay Comfy, Baby

Tencel™ fabric helps to regulate temperature helping baby to feel cool, calm, and relaxed while lounging around on warm days and snug as a bug in the chillier Winter months.

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