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Our Top 3 Baby Shower Gifts AS voted by you.

In this edition, we explore baby shower gift must-haves as voted by our Golden Child Community.Whether you’re shopping for a mum-to-be—or you’re the one who’s pregnant and needing a few...

In this edition, we explore baby shower gift must-haves as voted by our Golden Child Community.

Whether you’re shopping for a mum-to-be—or you’re the one who’s pregnant and needing a few helpful suggestions for your own baby registry, we’ve done the heavy lifting work for you with our top three baby shower gifts that will help you spread the warmth of the golden hour and love to your expecting friends.

1. THE GC Baby Lounger

First up we have an absolute essential for new parents - the baby lounger. Offering both style and versatility, our baby nest offers breathable comfort and safety for your newborn - sitting in our baby lounger will feel like a gentle hug for little ones! Crafted from super soft and unique Tencel® fibres paired with 3D mesh technology, our baby nests wick away moisture, inhibit the growth of bacteria and provide protection for the newest member of your family.

Unlike others, Golden Child loungers come with a beautiful linen baby lounger cover (available in 8 sweet colours) and matching carry bag with every purchase - so you help both mum and bub relax in style, whether they're hanging out in the lounge room or out on an outdoors adventure (fab for the beach and park).Like a cloud, our GC Baby Lounger creates a safe and comforting place for your babe to enjoy supervised rest and play, while you enjoy hands-free moments.


What Makes The Golden Child Baby Lounger The Perfect Baby Shower Gift?

  • Eight colours to choose from so you can easily match your loved one’s personality.

  • Lightweight and durable, our baby lounger is perfect for on the go, whether you are in the bedroom or heading to the beach or for a safe place to change and settle your little babe.

  • Created using unique certified Tencel® hypoallergenic fibres (made from Eucalyptus) and 3D mesh technology to absorb moisture, prevent bacteria and ensure your babe is protected.

  • Lightweight and durable, our Lounger is perfect for on the go!

  • Being machine washable, you can toss the washing machine when you need to, and our removable covers make it easy when it comes to taking care of a few spots.

2. the Connected Swaddle

The second item on our list of perfect baby shower gifts is a Connected Swaddle. A must-have item for every parent, swaddles are a proven way to settle little ones, but their benefits don't end there. The Golden Child Connected Swaddle can be used as a pram cover, nursing cover, tummy time mat or a comforting blanket during the day or night and is made from 100% GOTS certified Organic cotton and muslin blend.


What Makes The connected swaddle makes The Perfect Baby Shower Gift?

  • A must-have product for every new or expecting parent - you can never have enough.

  • Swaddles are a multi-functional dream. Play Mat, Swaddle, Blanket, Towel, sarong - just to name a few!

  • Made from Certified GOTS Organic Cotton and muslin blend (30% Cotton 70% Muslin).

  • Unique patterns, for a special gift.

  • Features a matching bag for easy travel, and is perfect for on-the-go moments.

3. THE Linen Play Mat


Crafted from 100% French Flax Linen, our Play Mats are hypoallergenic, supportive and super soft for sensitive skin. Designed to grow with your loved one's child, our round, quilted mats are highly durable and machine washable to help clean up any little accidents that happen along the way. Suitable for use anywhere, turn it into a beach mat use it at home for tummy time or take it with you when visiting friends or family.

What Makes The Golden Child Linen Play Mat The Perfect Baby Shower Gift?

  • Created from 100% French Flax Linen to create a non-toxic, hypoallergenic play space

  • Comes with a reusable Linen carry bag for playtime on the go, simply roll it up, slip it in and be on your way.

  • Easily cleaned with a quick delicate wash cycle and air dry.

  • Available in four Gender-neutral tones and designed to grow with little ones.

| Gift sETS

Looking for a selection of curated essentials to give a parent to be? We’ve got you covered! Shop From The Curated Collection Of The Most Loved baby must-haves that'll delight any infant, and some essential items that we know new and expecting parents will love too.

These baby shower gift packs have been created in various colours, and consist of products that are functional, fun, and durable enough to last for years to come. Each gift set is beautifully packaged and boxed all ready to share with your loved one.


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