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Sage Stripe Infant Organic Cotton Lounger


Our versatile and stylish Sage Striped Linen Baby Lounger is a must-have for new and expecting parents. Designed with super soft and sustainable materials, our Baby Nest creates a safe and comforting place for your babe to enjoy supervised play and rest, while you enjoy hands-free moments. The Golden Child Baby Lounger is created using unique Tencel® fibers (made from eucalyptus) and 3D mesh technology to absorb moisture, prevent bacteria and ensure your baby is protected.

We’re proud to be included in 12 of the best baby nests in Australia in 2023 by Mum’s grapevine.

Lightweight and durable, our baby lounger is perfect for on the go, whether you are in the bedroom, doing nappy changes, tummy time, or enjoying outdoor adventures. Available in two perfectly neutral striped designs, our lounger can also be paired with one of our linen play mats for ultimate cushioning. Unlike others, our baby lounger comes with a beautiful organic cotton cover and a matching travel bag.

Direct supervision is always required when using our Baby Loungers. Please see our safety guidelines in the below ‘Lounger Safety Section’. We do not recommend using our Baby Lounger for co-sleeping, overnight sleeping, or any period of unsupervised sleep, under any circumstances.

Please refer to the Red Nose Guidelines for the most up-to-date safe sleeping practices.

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